A Matter Of Taste

A favorite locale among natives, owner and Chef Toyo Kamatani of Suki Zuki, brings the finest of traditional Japanese cuisine to Water Mill. Toyo shares, “It’s the taste of my vernacular tongue from Osaka, Japan. It stems from a culture that was succeeded in my country. The underlying ingredient that creates the flavor of the dishes is dashi. Dashi is a stock or broth made from a mixture of sea kelp and bonito flakes. To complement the discerning palate, I fuse unique ingredients and spices that can be found in our local farms.”

Owner and Chef Toyo Kamatani of Suki Zuki

The history behind the restaurant’s name illustrates Toyo’s passion for cooking and love of people. “Suki Zuki was the name of a restaurant in Japan where I took my wife out on our first date. It was such a beautiful memory for me that I knew when I opened a restaurant of my own, that’s what I wanted to call it”, says Toyo.

   The intimacy of the restaurant communicates a welcoming dining experience with an Island laid- back vibe, from the tones of reggae music playing in the background to the interior accents of beach distressed driftwood in different hues among a cozy soft lit, soothing space. It reminds us to embrace the moment and smell the cultural crossroads of the aromas that waft through the air.

   The composition of Toyo’s plating can be compared to an architect.  Each dish comes alive in a bountiful  heirloom of vibrant colors and textures, setting the mood on the season. Order from the sushi bar or try one of their customary delights. Suzi Zuki features an extensive sake list from the dry to the sweet  that can be paired with any main course or dessert. Savor the experience of this premium restaurant and get Irie. “Each one to his own taste”